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Building and running an online business can be challenging at time so we’re going to try our best to provide you with articles that can help you to grow your sales and online presence.  Of course, we’ll throw in some feel good stories about other businesses, and some self-care tips just to keep you on track!

Top 3 reasons to Remove your Home Page Slider

There was a time that the home page slider was new, revolutionary, and added some pizzazz to a website. It drove traffic to the website and suggested some thought went into the page. These sliders even gave you the chance to advertise more and to leave a lasting impression. But those days are gone. In

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How to Create Videos When You’re Scared of the Camera

How to Create Videos When You’re Scared of the Camera Getting in front of the camera to do videos can be terrifying. What if you make a fool of yourself? What if someone doesn’t like you? Maybe you’re not used to talking in front of the camera, or in front of anyone. The good news

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7 Reasons to Become an Affiliate Marketer:

Every marketer that you’ll speak to will tell you that life was a lot simpler when they did affiliate marketing and nothing else. Sites were the market place, content sold the goods and the merchants took care of all of the rest of it, right down to mailing the goods and cutting a check to

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8 Reasons to Get into Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing today is much easier than ever before. Companies such as Amazon offer nearly any product known to man and multiple areas from which to ship them. In addition, you’ll find Audible, Fiverr, Hostgator, and Thrive Themes, companies that offer a very diverse set of products, all of which will be easy for you

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